Since 1868 until today


In Flensburg, 5th January 1868, Heinrich Ferdinand Schuldt, born 17th October 1840, founded H. Schuldt, an independent business for Chartering, Clearance, Commission and Haulage.
Heinrich Schuldt initiated his career as a shipowner in 1875 with a substantial share in the schooner “MINNA”.
Further milestones; moving to his own office building in 1881 and ordering his first steamship (approx. 1,200 tons) the following year. In 1896, he established the Flensburger Dampfercompanie AG and the insurance agents Herm. Schuldt.



At the turn of the century, the Schuldt fleet, trading globally, comprised of 23 ships with a total capacity of 55,000 tons. In 1905, the slowdown in freight saw the foundation of the Ozean-Dampfer AG which introduced liner shipping to H. Schuldt which would continue for almost a century.
The end of the First World War saw the fleet greatly diminished and business for the following decades concentrated on combining freight with passenger services.
Following the loss in significance of the port of Flensburg, Heinrich Schuldt transferred the headquarters to Hamburg and opened services in the Mediterranean.

The “Fruchtreederei Harald Schuldt & Co.” commenced business in 1937 debuting in refrigerated sailings.
The conclusion of World War II saw the depletion of the whole fleet of eleven vessels. A fresh start was required and began with a bus service between Hamburg and the Baltic Sea resorts and one coastal vessel. This was soon to be followed by liner services to the Levant, Cuba, Mexico and the American east coast.
Working successfully with ship financing specialists in the mid 90’s, H. Schuldt managed to build a new fleet of eight modern container vessels ranging in size between 1,000 and 3,500 TEU. New offices were found too at Brooktor 11 in Hamburg’s free port.



In the year 2000, the company was sold to Norddeutsche Reederei. In June of 2002, both companies  amalgamated to form Norddeutsche Reederei H. Schuldt GmbH & Co. KG.
A further move was on the books in March 2005 when the company relocated to its present offices in the old town area of Hamburg. Norddeutsche Reederei H. Schuldt continued to prosper and in mid 2007, acquired the Rendsburger outfit Reederei Karl Schlüter with whom business relationship had been longstanding. The RKS fleet and personnel were fully integrated into Norddeutsche Reederei H. Schuldt in 2011.